Freelance from Scratch by Lee Hills

Freelance from Scratch



This is the TEST DRIVE edition of the Full freelance from scratch course >

This version of the course focuses in on helping you to figure out your own freelance topic and product!

The course then shows you how to sell your first product to generate your first $100 online

The course is just 9 lessons in total and designed so you can go through it at your own pace! 

  • How to freelance without a current customer list
  • Best places to find freelance work online
  • Discover the most in demand Freelance services
  • Earn your first $100 online!

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos Text Icon 7 text files


Welcome - Introduction to the course!
How to get started without a client base
5 mins
Overview of the Best Freelance Marketplaces
Discovering your Freelance Specialism!
Create your profile
Create your first signature freelance product
The waiting game - What to do if you have not had a sale
What to do when you get your first order! DO NOT MISS THIS LESSON!
How to sell your services as products
6 mins

Hi I am Lee, I see the world of work differently..

I am a Freelance animator and I help businesses large and small explain what they do through Animated Videos. I have been an online freelancer for 4 years, my own freelance journey has included building my own freelance brand, finding work online, finding perfect customers, building trust with customers and managing busy and non-busy periods of work. I would Love to help you start your own online freelance Journey! Send me a message!