Freelance From scratch without a customer list

Finally.. An Easy to follow Step by Step system to earn your first $1000 Freelancing online from anywhere in the world!
Freelance from scratch - Introduction
Welcome - Introduction to the course!
How to use this course
My Own Online Freelance Story
Module 1: Introduction to using Freelance market-places to earn income online
How to get started without a client base
5 mins
Overview of the Best Freelance Marketplaces
The best Freelance approach for success
7 mins
Developing your Freelance mindset for success
How to sell your services as products
6 mins
Module 1: Congratulations + Recap
Module 2: Build your Freelance Brand to Earn your first $1000 online!
Discovering your Freelance Specialism!
Most in demand Freelance Services
Create your profile
Create your first signature freelance product
How to price your gig correctly
Listing your first freelance product for sale!
The waiting game - What to do if you have not had a sale
What to do when you get your first order! DO NOT MISS THIS LESSON!
Module 3: Growing your business by streamlining your work flows, wowing customers & deliver 5 star customer support
Introduction to module 3
How and Why to validate customers
What to do when a buyer messages you to pitch on their project
How to use automatic replies to improve workflow and streamline your business
Provide 5 start custom service without being a walk over!
Enhance your gig with terms of service and FAQ
Managing busy periods and quiet periods of work
Made some money? What is next ?
Module 4: Taking Your Freelancing Business to next Level.
Time to start adding your services to other freelance opportunities
Recap of freelance marketplace opportunites
Intro to expanding your freelance services outside of marketplaces
Create and develop your online brand
Work Life Balance